A public company’s website is not negotiable. It has to work, it has to be secure, and it has to be fast. Knowing how the site is performing in all these areas is important but unless you’re actively maintaining the property, that smoke that you smell can turn into a fire quickly.

Launch Better

For Xactly Corp. (NYSE: XTLY) and their expanding range of enterprise-grade products, it’s crucial that changes are made quickly and reliably. FlowPress regularly schedules plugin, theme, and WordPress testing, as well as updates to ensure that the team at Xactly knows that their site is always ready for what’s next.

WordPress Experts

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Keeping things going

Maintenance requires more than just keeping an eye on things. Being proactive is where it counts.

Keeping everything up to date, taking preventative measures, continual testing, and troubleshooting are required.

FlowPress stays on top of things by:

  • Monthly site updates including third party plugins
  • Daily backups and the ability to roll-back the last code change, no matter how insignificant
  • Fast security patches
  • Quality Assurance Testing to ensure that updates don’t break any part of your site

  • Ontario's Clean Energy Generator

    In 2018, OPG updated its website to improve the user experience (making it fully mobile responsive and accessible), allowing the company to better share important information with the people of Ontario. The modernized, easy to manage site also reduces administrative and maintenance costs.

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  • Increased Digital Performance for Sales Software Leader

    Xactly Corporation, a leading SaaS provider of Sales Compensation Software, teamed up with FlowPress to refactor their digital properties. At the time, Xactly was experiencing slowness and downtime. It didn't seem to matter how much hardware was used, the issues persisted. This is when they turned to FlowPress.

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  • Building a digital leader. One block at a time.

    Unilock liked the way their sites looked but needed to simplify content management and add tools such as an internal image gallery (ditital asset management). Once built, the new system would need a reliable host and a team to assist with the upkeep.

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FlowPress Services


Using our Dashboard, FlowPress will offer timely and valuable insights into your web properties and arm you with a playbook for success.

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FlowPress will consult with you and your team on WordPress Management, Git, Agile development principles, localization, and more.

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FlowPress deploys its custom dashboard to proactively monitor and mitigate potential future issues. This way we prevent issues before they happen.

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Issues occur when WordPress core and plugins aren’t being updated. Our clients’ sites are updated and thoroughly tested in three cycles before deployment.

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Development services include: Website Development, Bespoke Plugins, Custom Integrations, and much more.

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