Unilock is the industry leader in high-end paving stones and paving stone technology for the residential and commercial markets. Their commitment to quality, innovative methods and unique designs have kept them ahead of the competition for over 40 years.

Key Metrics


  • Reduced page load times from 6.6 to 1.6 second
  • Google SEO score increased from 50 to 89


In less than six months, FlowPress built and launched the new WordPress based Unilock sites with features including custom geo-ip detection and product / content delivery, a customized Admin area, product management and a custom WordPress to Microsoft CRM integration. By moving Unilock to WordPress from ColdFusion, Unilock was able to free themselves of Adobe rigidity and take advantage of the custom flexibility that FlowPress built in for them. This flexibility allows the Unilock team to create new products, upload imagery, and localize content without having to work with a third-party. Google site speed scores went from less than 50 to over 80. Our client’s search engine rankings have never been better. Site load times reduced by 80%.


In 2013, Unilock contacted FlowPress to help diagnose their constant site-down and site-slow issues. It turns out that and five subsites had been built on ColdFusion and the one developer in the city that knew how to manage it had taken a full-time job elsewhere.

Unilock liked the way their sites looked but needed to simplify content management and add tools such as an internal image gallery (ditital asset management). Once built, the new system would need a reliable host and a team to assist with the upkeep.

Unilock was feeling restrained from a marketing perspective due to the poor search capabilities and integrations that are offered by ColdFusion.

Most importantly, Unilock was looking for a technology partner to help them establish the lead in their space online, just as they had done in their industry.


FlowPress did a deep dive with the Unilock team to discover what the main issues were, triaged them and then presented a plan of attack.

Following feature discovery, the next step was to rebuild the current ColdFusion-based sites on a faster, more reliable and simpler to use CMS. WordPress was the obvious choice. FlowPress got to work re-creating all six Unilock web properties with the goal of providing a revolutionary new experience for content and product managers while visitors noticed nothing but a suddenly fast website.

FlowPress chose to build the sites as a multi-site network allowing Unilock to easily share images and data belonging to over 10,000 products. We developed a custom internal / external gallery system that hosts thousands of photos with varying access levels and migrated all the data from a closed source system.

Speed Increase

Google Page Score : Before = 50, After = 89

Multi Level Caching : Reduced page load time: 6.6s to 1.6s

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Ongoing Projects

FlowPress has been working with Unilock since 2013 on multiple projects. A long-term happy client, we’ve managed over 30 website properties and launched new components to see their online experience through.

Product Search :

Implemented SOLR Search Engine to deliver product filtering results at a very high performance

Paver Calculator :

The Unilock Paver Calculator allows landscape installers and planners to calculate the amount of product

Product Architecture :

Developed a regionalized complex product architecture for 100's of products with 1000's of attributes

Digital Asset Management :

Developed a completely custom, regionalized, WordPress secure Digital Asset Management system

Ongoing Services


24/7 x 365

Ongoing Maintenance

Monthly plugin updates and immediate bug fixes

Custom Development

Caculators, DAM's, Special Order system, & more


Technical requests that fall outside the teams expertise

Host Vendor

We take on the relationship to provide premium care and service