Xactly is a leading provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based, incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management. Through their software solutions, they address a critical business need: to incentivize employees and align their behaviors with company goals.

Key Metrics


  • 60% reduction in size of codebase
  • ~ 5 second decrease in page load times


Following the refactor, the site is error free and with a Google Page Speed score consistently in the green. Xactly no longer has to worry about the everyday operations of it’s marketing site and can focus on what they do best; creating awesome software for their customers.


Xactly approached FlowPress through their managed WordPress hosting partner. At the time, their site,, was running slow (Google Page Score less than 40) and experiencing regular timeout (500) errors. It didn’t seem to matter how much hardware was thrown at the site, errors and low-performance persisted. As a public company, it’s imperative that Xactly’s site runs reliably fast and with as close to zero downtime as possible.

Xactly enlisted FlowPress to discover what the issues were and then fix them in quick order. Specifically, an elimination of timeout errors and a Google Page Speed score in the green range.


FlowPress took a Socratic approach from the start, working with Xactly’s internal developers as well as their hosting partner to discover the causes of the issues. Following an in-depth site audit, the culprit was identified to be thousands of lines of errant code causing hundreds of extra Ajax and Javascript calls.

Xactly opted to refactor the code rather than rebuild and FlowPress got to work untangling the code and optimizing the site for uptime and speed. The entire process took about 8 weeks.

The final part of the solution was enlisting FlowPress to join the Xactly team to manage their website developer operations. Tasks include Implementing a regular maintenance schedule, setting up and maintaining a version control system and acting as the primary point of contact for all hosting related issues.

Speed Increase

Codebase Size : 60% Reduction

Page Load : ~ 5 second decrease in load time

Ongoing Projects

Throughout the project, FlowPress has provided an array of services including:

  • A full performance audit of the current sites
  • User Experience consulting
  • WordPress plugin and integration development
  • Integration of version control
  • Hosting setup
  • Custom Development
  • Ongoing updates and management

FlowPress manages the development of CompCloud for Xactly, the largest annual conference for compensation professionals.

Ongoing Services

24/7 Monitoring for uptime and CSS

More description here of what is done

Ongoing maintenance and updates

More description here of what is done

Custom development

More description here of what is done


More description here of what is done

Host vendor management

More description here of what is done